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Let’s face it: there are a lot of blogs out there.


Not only has the number of blogs multiplied exponentially over a relatively short time period, the overall quality of blogging seems to have improved in an almost Darwinian-fashion, with the stronger (however one might define stronger in blogging terms) outlasting the weaker.

I am here to reverse the curse, so to speak.

But seriously, I have been what is commonly known a a ‘lurker’ or ‘troll’ in the blogosphere for quite some time.  There are even a few abandoned Blogger/Wordpress pages out there which I can’t even remember the password to. If anyone has ever seen the irritating (yet distractingly handsome) ‘Associate to the Pastor’ commenter wander in and out of Biblical Christianity or Pyromaniacs then you’ve seen me before.

I’m actually a little nervous about blogging. So much benefit can come of it, but also so much damage.  Plus, I love to write and am a little squeamish about laying it all out there for all to see and critique. It’s much easier to sit back and ruminate on my own- I never lose an argument that way,  and I never have to admit that I am wrong.  Punditry goes down much easier in the infallibility of one’s own opinions. Add to all this an utter lack of originality and a sprinkle of complete technological incompetence, and it’s like sitting through The Hour of Power: Are we done yet?

Time to make like an Obama and promote myself.


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