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Busy, busy, busy.  I’m preaching in class this week, plus I’m not quite finished with devotion-type-stuff for Sunday morning, so I have no post on Lordship salvation ready. However, here are  a few quotes I found interesting, and disturbing. 

Here lies

Until the Resurrection

The body of


A native of Perth, North Britain;

Who, in the face of continual opposition

From all sorts of men,

Long and boldly contended

For the ancient faith;

That the bare work of Jesus Christ,

Without a deed,

or thought on the part of man,

is sufficient to present


Spotless before God. [1]

“Just as the gospel survived from …Galatia until Sandeman’s day, the burden is on those in the Free Grace camp to carry the torch until Christ returns. May Sandeman’s motto…forever characterize those in the Free Grace movement. [2]

[1]Michael Makidon, “From Perth to Pennsylvania: The Legacy of Robert Sandeman,” Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society 15, no. 29 (Spring 2002): 82.

[2] Makidon, “From Perth to Pennsylvania”, 92.


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